I had been a part of a weekend intensive through the Sound and Music Healing program at the Open Center. We worked through musical journeying exercises and I found it to be an incredibly moving weekend and I’ve taken the experiences into my own personal teaching. One can learn so much from listening, using your imagination and just succumbing to wherever it leads you. I had some deeply profound and powerful experiences while listening to the enchanting songs and sounds that put me under an almost hypnotic trance; so deep were some of the places that I traveled to and so beautiful, I didn’t want them to end. Here is the description to the best of my ability of my journeys. I am so glad that I wrote them down because much like dreams are for me, images can be so strong and then within moments, gone from my memory. This is a beautiful way of recapturing small hint of the feelings that they provoked.

Song One:

I see blue

I am in a marsh, the light grey-blue colors of the sky…..it is misty….the wind is moving through the willows. Through the wind and the sky an expansive voice….a goddess voice over the marsh…..

A few people sit by the edge of the water….they are sitting separately, isolated from each other looking out into the mist….it is a kind of desolate and vast place, very calm….not lonely, it is just very open.

The sky is changing-it is opening up a little bit….you can see the moon through the mist……clouds….there is a sadness here, a very sad story…a sad woman’s story….she is pleading and asking, …why? Why has this befallen on me? It is like a prayer, something which she is pleading for.

Song Two:

India……majestic, the backyard of a palace…roses petals everywhere, it is a beautiful day….so serene…lots of deep and tall forest green colored trees…..the sky is beautiful and expansive…..

There is a long and narrow dirt road with trees closely next to each other on both sides of the path…..it is very romantic……intermixed in the trees are dark sculpted green bushes…..An Indian woman is walking down this road…..long strides, deep in thought…..it was at this moment while this woman was walking down this path that I realized the Indian woman……. was me.

I’m feeling a warming of the heart….the Indian woman is touching the ivy along the way….feeling the leaves within her fingers, there is a yearning, something wanting to open…

The Voices of god are in the sky harmoniously singing….souls up there singing, they want to remind me that they are there…..

Deep blues, purples, light pink colors in the sky, like the most beautiful sunset …

Colors and colors…

She continues to walk on with all of her silks wrapped around her…a glow of silk, a glow of sky……slow motion…colors and colors a whirlwind of colors…..the sunset tones of her silks connecting with those of the sky as her body becomes stretched pulling upward into the sky….uplifting into this ethereal space above while her feet are still in the earth below……

These two bodies, one of sky and one of earth become meshed in each other…they are becoming one like a bridge connecting the earth with the sky…I am a beautiful mix of silk and pastel colors swirling and swirling……

Song Three:

The sky is singing….all of the colors are singing

Small children playing together, laughter outside

A little girl is skipping freely…..with such openness, she is so innocent and has not yet had any of life’s hardships befall on her…there is such freedom in her movement….skipping through the grass, so much energy….she continues singing to herself in the middle of a large grassy field……she is saying out loud “there is so much I want to do today.” The face is no longer blurry….it is becoming more real now, it is my husband’s niece, Mia keeping herself occupied by playing…shouting out to the world, “Do you want to join in with me and play? If not, I’m fine being here and playing alone!” and she truly is fine….smiling…..carefree……

Magenta tones……………..the color I am beginning to now see when my third eye opens……..

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