Testimonials Page Marissa Katz


“Marissa Katz has brought so much joy into my life. She inspires her students to perform at their utmost best. In addition, the lessons are fun! I highly recommend Marissa to anyone who really wants to sing – and to sing well. She knows her craft well. I was nervous at first but Marissa put me at ease immediately. Don’t walk – run to sign up for vocal lessons with Marissa Katz. You will be delighted!”
-Patricia Anne Rossi, current student


“Thank you for encouraging me to live my dreams. Thank you for having faith in my voice and reawakening it. Thank you for believing in my strengths and helping me improve my weaknesses. Thank you for bringing life to voices, not just mine, but everyone whose life you touch. Thank you for listening and understanding my pains and sorrows. Thank you for sharing my happiness.
I could not have done all that I have done up to now without you.”
-Elle  Farmand, current student


“I came to New York from Prague in the Czech Republic in order to continue my vocal education. I found Marissa’s web site a few months prior to moving to Manhattan and I was amazed by her beautiful voice and moreover, she seemed very kind. When I finally did arrive in New York and met with Marissa, I was enchanted by her radiant personality and professionalism. Now, not only have I finally started to work with my voice in a proper way, but for the first time in my life, I am really enjoying singing. It was Marissa who told me that I should audition for The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. I had never imagined a possibility like that before! I look forward to each lesson with Marissa, and I feel that each time I go to a session, I am learning something new every time. She is such a great and patient teacher, and she is helping me improve my voice technique and additionally, my self confidence. She’s changed my life and I’m very grateful that I met her!”
-Ruth Horackova, current student


“Learning how to sing has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life – one only possible with the help of an amazing teacher like Marissa. Being reserved and musically inexperienced, I struggled with my desire to sing and perform. From my first lesson though, Marissa had an apparently innate ability to understand my technical as well as internal struggles. After each one of our lessons, I left with a sense of achievement in learning something new about my voice or surpassing another barrier in my singing development, be it technical or personal. Marissa is very patient and kind while at the same time being demanding – she never lets me cut corners and always pushes me to strive for the highest technical proficiency. Marissa has truly helped me accept and have confidence in my own voice – I am even beginning to consider performing, something previously unthinkable!”
-Jason Frank, current student


“It’s rare to find someone who is so patient and willing to ensure the success of her students. From her vocal ability to great teaching skills I’ve come a long way in understanding what my voice can really do. Not only has she gone above and beyond to make her students happy but she’s also made me realize singing is more then just about how it sounds but, about the connection you have to your audience. From day one of my Singing Classes it has been nothing but a pleasure to be learning under Marissa.”
-Kris Dobson, current student


“I was recommended to Marissa’s studio from another vocal student and I am so happy I made the choice to start vocal lessons with her. Marissa, aside from her awesome personality and kindness, is an excellent vocal teacher. She has helped me to break bad vocal habits and find my true voice. She clearly explains proper breathing techniques and how to express your emotions while you are singing. Marissa is extremely supportive and has motivated me to continue to pursue a career in music. I am so grateful to have Marissa as a vocal teacher. Because of Marissa, I am more confident than I have ever been with my voice. With Marissa’s guidance, I have made so much progress with my ability to reach notes I never thought I could sing and convey expression and meaning within my songs. I would recommend Marissa to anyone in search of a professional, kind, and truly gifted vocal teacher.”
-Kristin Antonelli, current student


“In my voice lessons with Marissa, I have grown much more confident in my vocal abilities. She has been working with me to bring out a quality in my voice that I never knew existed, which has made me into a better singer and overall musician. Her background in Opera, Musical Theater, and Cantorial music was extremely important for me to have in a voice teacher, as I too am currently studying to be a Cantor at the H.L. Miller Cantorial School at the Jewish Theological Seminary, and her extensive knowledge, technique and experience in these areas combined with her warm and caring personality makes her an ideal voice teacher for me.”
-Rebecca Pohl, current student


“I am a voice student from Mexico and I wanted to come to New York to study voice technique. Studying with Marissa has been a wonderful experience. She has helped me understand many different musical concepts such as her ideas about correct breathing and support and this has helped me get a fundamental understanding about how to relax and free my voice so that I can reach higher notes in a much healthier way and improve the quality of my sound. Marissa has also helped me improve my posture and stage presence. It has been a great learning experience and I look forward to repeating this every year.”
-Jesus Delgado, current student


“When I first starting working with Marissa two years ago, I had never had any formal vocal training. Marissa was patient, supportive, and above all, encouraging. She helped me open up not only as a singer but also as a person; the work I do with Marissa is never standalone, but is connected to all facets of my life and I always leave her studio feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Marissa is an incredibly talented teacher and she has truly invested herself in my journey as a performing artist. Every session with Marissa is a pleasure and I look forward to working with her for many years to come.”
-Noorhee Kim, current student


“Marissa has taught me to reach places in my voice that I never thought possible. I have grown a significant amount of confidence since I have been training with her, and have also opened up emotionally when I sing. Marissa has become more of a mentor to me than just a vocal coach. She will never take “I can’t” for an answer, and she will continue to challenge you. She will believe in you enough to push you to your limit, or in my case, beyond that.”
-Kelly Bazely, current student


“Marissa has been my voice instructor for over a year now and in this time she has done a magnificent job in strengthening and improving my voice. She carefully designs classes to fit every individual’s need. In my sessions, Marissa first concentrated on proper breath control which has helped me free up my natural voice through the learning and understanding of the Bel Canto technique. We have also focused on increasing my range using various vocal exercises and have worked on different musical pieces and ways in which to perform them. Working with Marissa is a wonderful experience due to her knowledge, patience and professionalism.”
-Ania Bakunova, current student


“Working with Marissa has been an amazing experience. She has helped me find and develop my voice. Unlike regular vocal coaches, she has helped guide and steer me towards the right path so that I can grow as a performer. The progress she has made with me has been extraordinary and I look forward to continuing my training with her. “
-Leo Farlas, current student


“One of the most powerful voices I’ve ever heard! Talented, professional, and very knowledgeable. Marissa Katz is a beautiful spirit and a stern instructor. She helps you realize and reach your potential. She’s given me the inspiration and skills needed to continue to reach my goals. “
-Donah Hunter, current student


“Marissa is a phenomenal voice instructor! She is flexible, patient, and knowledgeable about music. In the short time that I have worked with her, I think that I have improved immensely. She challenges me, but also provides a comfortable atmosphere that encourages growth. Finally, she gives great guidance in terms of how to pursue a career in acting and musical theater. I anticipate working with her for a long time! “
-Julissa Jimenez, current student


“Marissa is a gifted singer and a wonderful teacher. I have been taking lessons with her for about a year. When I was a complete beginner, Marissa worked extensively with me on voice placement, breath control, and posture. Because of my improvements in these areas, I now sing like I never thought I would. Marissa’s enthusiasm is contagious. Even though I still feel like I need to progress further, thanks to her I now feel confident that I am on the right path.”
-Clement Miglietti, current student


“Working with Marissa is a pleasure. Her patience is never-ending, and she is truly dedicated to my growth and encourages me toward accomplishing my goals. Her knowledge and experience in teaching vocal development is evident. In addition, she makes the fundamentals and technique sessions really enjoyable providing me with concrete material to practice. I’ve had many positive differences in my vocal development since working with Marissa and I look forward to continuing my work with her each week!”
-Lauren Griewski, current student


“Marissa is an amazing teacher. She has taught me so much and helped me build confidence and power in my voice. When I started singing with her I was not half as good as I am now. I have come a long way and have improved tremendously as a singer. I would recommend her to anyone in the world. She knows the right things to say and do and helps push you beyond your limits. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give her a 10!”
-George, current student


“Ms. Katz is a great teacher who not only encourages me to sing and develop my voice, but also to aim for the stars and have big dreams. She has a beautiful voice and I have a lot of fun during my lessons. I have learned a lot from her. “
-Gabby Preston, current student


“Marissa is an avid teacher as well as a good friend. I feel comfortable letting go in her presence. Her technique is promising and she explains her methods in a way you’ll understand. She genuinely cares for your well being and will work with you to make you the best singer you can be. Marissa will find your bad vocal habits and nip them before they become your voice. I feel lucky to have learned so much from such a lovely person. “
-Courtney Graf, current student


“Marissa is a first class vocalist and a dedicated student of voice and vocal performance. She has studied with me in my Audition Therapy Class; her work was far above average and the progress she made was steady, strong and impressive. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a vocal teacher.”
-Richard Sabellico, Broadway actor/director


“Marissa is a truly gifted teacher. Not only is she incredibly talented, she has a way of conveying what it is you need to do to improve that’s easy to understand and put into practice. Singing is hard, much harder than I thought it’d be, but Marissa makes the hard work fun. You can tell she has a true love of music, and that she’s genuinely happy when her students succeed. I’ve never had more confidence in my abilities than I do now, and that’s thanks to Marissa. I’m lucky to have her as my teacher.”
-Jenna Wright, current student


“Marissa is a one of a kind teacher, a diamond in the rough. She has a very unique teaching style and is dedicated to helping you master it. Marissa will spend as long as you need on a piece and is not afraid to share her methods to help you get through it. I have never had an instructor who went as in depth with the meanings and the feelings behind the pieces. She helps you feel what the character is feeling, and really helps you make the piece your own. Marissa is an incredible instructor who can help anyone find their place in the world of music.”
-Alex Cooney, current student


“Marissa is a teacher in every sense of the word. She works to bring out the best in her students. She sees the best in you and pushes you to reach for greatness. When I have a lesson with Marissa, I leave with a lot more than just progress in my voice. I leave with greater confidence, and motivation to not only be the best performer I can be, but to be the best me I can be.”
-Bekah Frucht, current student


“Marissa is an amazing teacher as well as a very caring person. She has a lot of patience, and helps you improve tremendously. She made me believe that I can go somewhere with my singing career and that’s a great encouragement. Hopefully I will continue to take her lessons until I feel like I got the skills I wanted to achieve.”
-Paulina Kulesza, current student


“When I started lessons with Marissa in March 2009 I had never taken vocal lessons or even sung in the presence of another human being. I was nervous going to my first session not knowing what to expect; but I was immediately comforted by Marissa’s warm personality. She’s really helped me step out of my boundaries and explore vocal ranges I never thought that I could reach. The potential that I see in myself has skyrocketed since the beginning of the year. I know I have improved greatly with her help and there is still so much I want/need to learn and I will continue to take lessons with Marissa. She is always there if you have questions or need extra guidance. I would highly recommend Marissa.”
-Joan Cea, current student


“Aside from the fact that Marissa is an amazing singer and is extremely knowledgeable in vocal technique and performance with a great sense of professionalism, Marissa is your devoted spectator and supporter. That’s what made working with Marissa truly unforgettable for me personally. I came to Marissa just to get some coaching on my technique, and now I do musicals, VOs, commercials and film. None of this would happen if it weren’t for Marissa’s expertise, guidance and support. But make no mistake! If you’re considering Marissa to be your vocal coach, PREPARE TO WORK AND GET BETTER!!!”
-Alex Mayzlin, current student


“Marissa is a superb voice teacher. She not only has an excellent background for voice training, but more importantly she is also able to impart her deep knowledge of vocal techniques in a very clear and very supportive way. Marissa expertly identifies the best way for her students to achieve an optimal level of vocal performance and she is able to guide her students efficiently and personably. I have greatly enjoyed Marissa’s lessons and I feel that I have learned a great deal from Marissa about effective voice training.”
-Ross, current student